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Discover the heart of Special Journey Solutions: our exceptional team. Each member brings a unique blend of expertise and dedication. Together, they form a mosaic of talent committed to guiding you with wisdom, care, and unparalleled professionalism.


Advanced Special Care Planner

Bruce H. Sham, with over 40 years in financial services, specializes in assisting families with children with special needs. His commitment shines through in his advocacy and support for accessing crucial resources and government benefits. Winning awards like the Advocacy Award from Montgomery County MHMR and the Ricky Godorov Key Day Award, Bruce’s contributions have profoundly impacted countless individuals with disabilities. His Amanda Sham Resource Center leadership highlights his dedication to making a difference in the community.


Financial Services Professional

Dustin Jacquette, a Smeal College of Business graduate, brings a rich blend of customer service, finance, and operations skills from his time at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Since joining Special Journey Solutions in 2017, his approach has centered on understanding and meeting client needs with exceptional service. His community involvement, particularly with the United Way Foundation, reflects his commitment to making a positive impact, professionally and personally.


Business Development and Marketing Coordinator

Mallory Jacquette, joining in March 2021, has rapidly become a pivotal force in business development and marketing. With a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies and a diverse office management and marketing background, she excels in enhancing client relationships and driving business growth. Her multifaceted role is instrumental in steering the team toward peak productivity and ensuring a seamless client service experience.


Director of Investments

Christopher Otten, a financial planner and investment specialist, began his journey in entrepreneurship at a young age, leading to a profound understanding of wealth building and financial security. A Villanova University alumnus and former athlete, Christopher applies his experience to help clients secure and grow their assets. His involvement in nonprofit boards, including The Wardrobe, and his CLTC designation testify to his dedication to client-focused, ethical financial planning.


Financial Services Professional

Christine Topping, with a finance degree from Stockton University, is driven by her entrepreneurial spirit to empower clients to make informed financial decisions. Her work centers on helping individuals and businesses manage finances and plan for the future. A passionate advocate for women’s empowerment, Christine’s leadership roles in organizations like the Women’s Resource Center demonstrate her commitment to fostering positive change and gender equality in the financial industry.

Collaborative Strength: Our Resource Team

Our Resource Team is the backbone of our client service excellence. With their diverse expertise and collaborative approach, this dedicated group ensures every aspect of our service is seamlessly integrated. Their commitment underpins our promise to deliver tailored, practical solutions for every client’s unique journey.


Head of Marketing

Cynthia St. Pierre, a Syracuse University alumna, is the dynamic force behind our marketing at Special Journey Solutions. Since 2009, her innovative strategies in media collaborations and event sponsorships have significantly amplified our brand presence in Philadelphia. Cynthia’s keen insight into market trends and her close work with associates enhance our client engagement and outreach, ensuring our message resonates effectively in the community.


Head of Compliance

Tom Kilker, with a robust background in economics and finance from LaSalle University, has been pivotal in our compliance department since 2007. His expertise ensures that all business operations adhere to the highest ethical standards, safeguarding our client’s trust. Holding multiple FINRA registrations, Tom’s guidance is crucial in maintaining integrity in all our financial services, which is foundational to the solid and reliable relationships we build with our clients.

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Embark on a journey towards financial security and peace of mind with our team at Special Journey Solutions. Our dedicated professionals are committed to crafting personalized strategies that align with your unique goals. Bruce, Dustin, Mallory, Christopher, Christine, Cynthia, and Tom are more than just experienced professionals; they are your partners in navigating financial complexities with integrity and care.

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